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Margarita Heredia, CNA, RNA

Scheduler and Central Supply Coordinator

Serving you since: September 4 2018

Margarita Heredia is a dedicated member of our team, known for her versatility and unwavering commitment to ensuring the smooth functioning of our healthcare center. Her journey into healthcare is a unique one, as she originally graduated with a business degree from a college in Mexico. In her multifaceted role, Margarita takes on a range of responsibilities that are integral to the efficient operation of Valencia Gardens. Her key duties include scheduling the nursing assistant staff, overseeing purified PPD, and ensuring that we always have an ample supply of vital resources and equipment. Margarita’s philosophy of care is rooted in the belief that every member of the staff should be treated with the utmost respect and appreciation. She understands that her role goes beyond logistical tasks; it’s about modeling the kind of behavior she wishes to see in her colleagues and being a pillar of support for her patients. At the core of her personal nursing philosophy is the profound responsibility to provide care for those who may not be able to care for themselves. On a lighter note, Margarita brings a touch of glamour to her role. At the age of 16, she pursued a career as a beautician, and it became more than just a profession—it became her hobby.

Contact: (951) 202-1560