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Bonnie Manning

Director of Community Relations

Serving you since: May 26, 2016

With an impressive track record of over 6 years of dedicated service exclusively at Valencia Gardens, Bonnie stands as a seasoned and invaluable member of our team and community. Her commitment and expertise have been instrumental, particularly in navigating the unique challenges presented by the pandemic. In her pivotal role, Bonnie takes on the responsibility of ensuring a seamless transition of care for our patients. She assesses patients during their hospital stays, ensuring that their needs are met appropriately when they come to Valencia Gardens. Maintaining strong and trusted relationships with hospital staff and doctors is one of her key strengths in this process. Bonnie’s approach to patient care is rooted in empathy and compassion. She treats every patient as if they were a cherished family member or a dear friend. Her aim is to deeply understand each individual’s unique situation and provide them with the opportunity to achieve their fullest rehabilitation potential. Bonnie loves being with her family especially at the lake, however she will always answer your phone call 24/7.