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Caroline Zamora

Medical Records Director

Serving you since: March 14, 2016

Caroline boasts a wealth of experience in skilled nursing facilities (SNF), dating back to 2000. Her role as Medical Records Director encompasses a broad range of responsibilities, all geared towards ensuring the seamless management of patients’ records, such as: perform high-volume scanning of patients’ records, review and audit patients’ records for timeliness, completeness, and accuracy, utilize a classification system to assign clinical codes for patients’ diagnoses, procedures, and medical skilled services, maintain and retrieve records for insurance reimbursement and data analysis, print and fax patients’ reports to referring doctors as needed, expertly file medical records, maintaining impeccable organization, swiftly pull charts, records, and other essential medical information whenever required, and manage the processing of expired patients’ records. Caroline’s philosophy as a Medical Records Director extends beyond mere record-keeping. She actively tracks industry trends to develop and implement cutting-edge data analysis techniques. Her overarching goal is to provide essential resources not only to healthcare professionals but also to our patients and their loved ones. In her free time, Caroline finds solace in the great outdoors and has a deep love for nature. She’s also a devoted animal lover.