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Christina Abarcha
Director of Social Services
Serving you since: July 7, 2023

Christina began her journey as a social worker in 2011 when an administrator recognized her potential and entrusted her with the role of social services. Grateful for the opportunity, Christina immersed herself in the social aspect of her career, and it has since become her passion. In her current role as Director of Social Services, Christina takes the lead in ensuring her department effectively manages resident care and discharge planning. She is responsible for developing, evaluating, and directing social services programs, all in accordance with federal, state, and local standards, as well as our established policies and procedures. Her mission is to meet and maintain the emotionally and socially related medical needs of each resident on an individual basis. Christina finds immense joy in being a social worker, where she can make a positive impact on others and help them feel better. She’s a dedicated team player, always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. During her free time, Christina enjoys quality moments with her three beloved grandchildren, who bring life and laughter to her world. She strongly believes in the importance of family, providing unwavering support and being there for her loved ones.

(951) 897-3789