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Franklin Hughes


Serving you since: August 15, 2023

Franklin Hughes serves as the administrator at the esteemed Valencia Gardens Health Care Center, a skilled nursing facility nestled in the heart of Riverside, California. Born and raised in California, Franklin has always been deeply connected to his home state and is passionate about delivering top-notch care to its residents. His journey into healthcare administration began during his college years, where he gained valuable experience as a respite care giver. He holds his Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Administration and a minor in Gerontology. This period ignited his profound love for people and his unwavering commitment to ensuring they feel valued and nurtured during their times of need. Upon his return to Orange County and eager to apply the skills he learned at school, he pursued rigorous training, achieving exceptional scores in state and federal licensing exams to become a licensed skilled nursing administrator with the hopes of finding a facility that would become his home away from home. In his role as administrator at Valencia Gardens, Franklin takes on the critical task of overseeing all aspects of the facility’s operations. This includes staff management, budgeting, regulatory compliance, marketing, and, most importantly, ensuring that the highest standard of 5-star care is provided to residents. His leadership is defined by his dedication to fostering a collaborative and compassionate environment that prioritizes resident well-being and clinical care. Franklin’s approach to healthcare administration revolves around patient-centered care. He firmly believes that every individual deserves to be treated with respect, empathy, and dignity and strives to create a nurturing environment where residents and staff are both cherished and valued. This philosophy is the cornerstone of his work. Outside of his professional commitments, Franklin enjoys spending quality time with his beloved wife, their delightful baby girl, and their extended family. They are a family of beach enthusiasts who relish the magic of Disneyland and embrace the adventures that California offers. He is dedicated to serving you and your loved ones at Valencia Gardens, always ready to address your needs and provide support for the well-being of residents, families, and staff.


Contact: (714)-904-8437