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Mahesh Bhambi
Assistant Administrator
Serving you since: April 24, 2023

Mahesh brings a deep passion for healthcare administration to his role. With a lifelong commitment to the field, Mahesh is excited to contribute his knowledge and experiences to this exceptional community. In 2018, Mahesh earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Healthcare Administration, which served as the launching pad for his career in the healthcare industry. He began his professional journey in the field of loss prevention, where he honed his skills in risk management, safety, and compliance. While his career initially took a different path, it has provided Mahesh with a unique perspective and a valuable set of tools that complement his current role in healthcare administration. The synergy between Mahesh’s educational background and his position as Assistant Administrator is evident. Healthcare Administration involves efficiently managing and coordinating various aspects of a healthcare facility to ensure the highest standard of care for residents. His education equips him with foundational knowledge of healthcare systems, regulations, and best practices, while his experiences in loss prevention have sharpened his ability to identify and mitigate potential risks. This blend of skills will be invaluable as he works toward the success of Valencia Gardens Health Care Center.

In his role as Assistant Administrator, Mahesh is dedicated to mastering the intricacies of skilled nursing facility management. This hands-on experience allows him to apply the principles he learned in his degree program to real-world situations. He collaborates closely with the dedicated team at Valencia Gardens to ensure that residents receive the exceptional care they deserve. His goal is to create an environment where residents thrive physically, emotionally, and socially. Mahesh’s profound commitment extends to the well-being and contentment of Valencia Gardens’ residents and their families. He aspires to nurture a sense of community, compassion, and excellence in care within the Valencia Gardens family. By amalgamating his educational background with the practical skills and insights acquired during his training as an Administrator, Mahesh is confident that the facility will attain new levels of success in delivering exceptional care. He is always available to address any questions about the facility, services, or their dedication to delivering the best possible care.