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Mallory Gayo Cabado, RN, BSN
MDS Coordinator
Serving you since: July 9, 2023

Mallory embarked on her healthcare journey as an LVN in 2014, accumulating nine years of invaluable experience in skilled nursing facilities (SNF). Her dedication to professional growth led her to recently graduate with a BSN, RN degree from West Coast University. Since 2018, Mallory has been specializing in Minimal Data Set (MDS) coordination. As an MDS Coordinator, Mallory plays a pivotal role in the healthcare team, entrusted with the following responsibilities: assessing, monitoring, and meticulously documenting patients’ health, collaborating seamlessly with fellow healthcare professionals to craft personalized healthcare plans for patients, and administering IV medications as needed to ensure optimal care. Mallory’s philosophy of care transcends the conventional duties of a healthcare professional. She aspires to do more than merely apply bandages and administer medications. Her mission is to treat every patient with the utmost dignity, respect, and the very best care. Mallory strives to lead by example, inspiring and motivating others to follow suit. On a lighter note, Mallory shares a deep love for basketball with her husband. Their passion for the sport is so profound that they named their children after three basketball legends: Jordan, Bryant, and Iverson. (If you know, you know!)