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Vanessa Barraza

Medical Records Assistant

Serving you since: July 17, 2023

Vanessa brings her wealth of experience in the skilled nursing facility field, with a journey that began in 2019. She has served as a Medical Records Assistant, dedicating herself to the meticulous management of crucial patient information. Vanessa’s responsibilities encompass a range of vital tasks: she ensures the quality of medical records by meticulously verifying their completeness, accuracy, and accurate entry into computer systems, coordinating medical records needed for interdisciplinary team conferences, utilization reviews, and quality assurance, and maintaining the security of resident information, a task that demands the utmost diligence. She completes facility reports when needed and is responsible for the careful filing and scanning of records. Vanessa also expertly releases information from medical records in response to properly authorized requests, ensuring compliance and confidentiality. Vanessa’s approach to her responsibilities is characterized by strong written and verbal communication skills, as well as a proficiency in operating electronic, photocopier, and other standard office equipment. She excels at managing complex filing systems and records, underlining her dedication to precision and organization. Beyond her professional role, Vanessa’s heart belongs to her loved ones. She cherishes spending quality time with her children and her faithful companion, Maxie the dog.