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Victor Sandoval, LVN, IP

Director of Staff Development

Serving you since: March 24, 2016

Victor’s journey into nursing wasn’t a choice he made; it was a calling that found him. With 11 years of nursing experience under his belt, he brings a unique blend of skills to Valencia Gardens. In addition to his nursing expertise, Victor holds a degree in graphic design and has a lifelong passion for the art of calligraphy. His roles at Valencia Gardens are multifaceted. Not only does he hold a license to safely administer medication and provide patient care, but he also plays a crucial role in determining, preventing, and containing infectious outbreaks. Furthermore, Victor specializes in enhancing the professional practice and role competence of nurses and other healthcare personnel. He achieves this by facilitating ongoing learning, fostering positive change, and enhancing role competence. Victor is deeply committed to patient-centered care. His mission is to motivate and educate staff, ultimately promoting positive patient outcomes. On a remarkable note, Victor was a recipient of the Academic President Award and was honored by the former President, Bill Clinton.

Contact: (951) 683-7111